An invitation to attend the 21st Annual Rally for Life

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Dear Friends of Life Ministries

I am writing to you on behalf of three organisations I represent—the Coalition for the Defence of Human Life, Life Ministries and Australian Christians.

First of all, on behalf all three organisations, I encourage you to promote and attend the 21st Annual Rally for Life on the steps of Parliament House (Harvest Terrace, West Perth) on Tuesday, 14th May, 2019, beginning at 7:00 pm and ending by 8:30 pm.

Your support as a Christian who is concerned about the sanctity of life is crucial. 21 years ago the Parliament of Western Australia legalised abortion. Since then 173,000 unborn children have been killed. The WA government seems undisturbed by the toll and comfortable with the law. In fact, if the government is concerned about anything, it is that access to abortion should be facilitated. That is why the government is proposing exclusion zones to prevent small groups of peaceful, compassionate and prayerful Christians from offering hope to pregnant women about to enter abortion facilities where their children will be killed.

Unless Christians mobilise in far greater numbers, unborn children in WA will in the foreseeable future continue to be killed at the rate of approximately 8,000 per year.

Historically, the Christian Church has been the catalyst for bringing about massive social renewal including the ending of slavery, the education of children, the emancipation of women, the establishment of hospitals, the rehabilitation of prisoners, and far more. With your support and God’s help, the ending of abortion can be added to that glorious list.

I urge you to promote the Rally for Life in your church. Please encourage your pastor or priest to promote the rally, and to attend if possible. Please also encourage your family and friends to be present. We are praying that over 2,000 people will join us this year. Together, we can work cooperatively to preserve the lives of unborn children and save their mothers from experiencing the physical, emotional and spiritual harm of abortion.

The theme of this year’s Rally for Life is Defending Human Life from Conception to Natural Death. Maryka Groenewald, WA State Director of Australian Christians and I will be co-chairing the rally.  The Hon Nick Goiran, MLC, and Rev Peter Abetz, WA State Director of the Australian Christian Lobby will be guest speakers. In addition to focusing on abortion, we will also inform people about the WA government’s determination to legalise physician assisted suicide and euthanasia later this year. We will announce a second rally on 4th September specifically dealing with this matter.

Secondly, I am writing in my capacity as the Director of Life Ministries and the National President of Australian Christians.  As you are aware, the federal election will take place on Saturday, 18th May 2019, just four days after the Rally for Life.

Bill Shorten and Tanya Plibersek, the leader and deputy leader of the opposition, have chosen to make abortion an issue in this election. Shorten and Plibersek promised on 6th March 2019 that if Labor won the federal election to promote access to abortion across Australia. They committed federal Labor to:

  • require all public hospitals to provide abortions;
  • pressure the governments of New South Wales and South Australia to legalise abortion;
  • fund abortions with taxpayer money so that women could obtain them free of charge; and
  • set up a “reproductive health clinic” in a public hospital in Tasmania so that women can obtain abortions without travelling to the mainland.

If Labor is elected on 18th May defenceless unborn babies will be at even greater risk. In spite of the fact that Australia has one of the highest abortion rates of any western nation, Shorten and Plibersek are determined to pressure all public hospitals to perform abortions, to bully all states where abortion remains illegal to legalise it, and to offer abortion free of charge to all pregnant women.

Sadly, in response to Shorten and Plibersek’s callous announcement, Prime Minister Scott Morrison failed to come to the defence of unborn babies. He could have distinguished himself from Shorten and Plibersek by saying that he had no intention of pressuring states where abortion remains illegal to alter their laws.  He could have said that the Liberals would not use taxpayer money to fund free abortions.  He could have said that he believes in the preciousness of every human life. But instead, he said:

This is a very controversial and sensitive issue …

I’m a bit disappointed that it is being raised in the eve of election …

I don’t find that debate [is] one that tends to unite Australians and I certainly am not going to engage in the political elements of that discussion, because frankly I don’t think it is good for our country.

Responding to his weakness, Life Ministries’ Writer and Editor Andrew Lansdown wrote, “The Prime Minister made no defence of the unborn.” He continued, “Still, to be clear, Scott Morrison’s cowardice is not as base as Bill Shorten’s wickedness. Morrison’s abandoning the unborn is not as base as Shorten’s attacking the unborn. So, for Christians and other prolife people, there is still a choice to be made—a choice between bad and worse. For pity’s sake, for the sake of less slaughter, pray that the Australian people will choose Scott Morrison the Bad, not Bill Shorten the Worse.” I agree.  In terms of major parties, the Liberals are clearly the better choice.

The path before us seems dark or darker. Labor intends to facilitate abortion through bullying and funding. The Liberals, while not advancing it, show no signs of fighting to reverse it. Neither is there any evidence at all that most other conservative political parties are prepared to fight for unborn children. If for some reason, at some point in the future, a matter involving abortion comes to a vote, we can expect that some pro-life Liberal, Labor, and other conservative party MPs will vote the right way, but there is no sign that any party will make it an ongoing priority to reverse abortion laws—that is, with the exception of one party—the Australian Christians Party.

Every AC candidate without exception is pro-life.  And if elected, every AC MP will fight to reverse abortion laws with the same tenacity and endurance that William Wilberforce fought to reverse slavery. And yet sadly, all too often professing Christians cast their votes for parties that will not fight to overturn abortion laws, or indeed to overturn other harmful laws that have been instituted in Australia in recent years. Instead, they vote for the party that promises them the most. I hope this will not be the case with any of you, dear friends.

For the sake of precious unborn children, may I please encourage you, when voting, to ask yourself this vital question: If they could speak, who would the 80,000 children who are aborted each year in Australia encourage me to vote for?

God bless you,

Dwight A. Randall
President, Coalition for the Defence of Human Life; Director, Life Ministries; National President, Australian Christians

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